George J. Gioiella - (joy-ella)

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George The Writer

George's writing is dedicated to the memory of Fr. Raphael Simon O.C.S.O. 1909-2006 - Celebrating a Life Lived in Love and Service  When work is published a substantial portion of the net proceeds will be donated to his favorite charities! 


Work in Progress 

> George's Life - by request a non-fiction memoir! 

> Homebuyers Beware of Dishonest Realtors and Politicians

 Exposes the systemic corruption home inspectors and homebuyers face from realtors, home builders and politicians, particularly in North Carolina, but also applicable nationally!

> George's Newspaper (Print Media) OP/ED Columns Soon to be released in electronic and printed book form!

   OP/ED Columns and NC Home Inspector E-Newsletter - No longer available online!


 George Michaels Gioiella - (joy-ella)

Live Entertainment 

Offering a unique style and approach suitable for listening or dancing!

"Music & Entertainment for Lovers and Other Nice People"

(At a volume where you can still have a conversation with the people at your table!) 

At a volume where you can still have a conversation with the people at your table! 

     George is experienced, a pro, and available to perform in a variety of settings and capacities including soft background music for cocktail parties, restaurants and lounges. 


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